Long weekend campers leave horrible mess behind in B.C. campground

CALGARY- Those who live in a stunning area in southeast B.C. are outraged after long-weekend campers left a huge mess behind.

Piles of debris, garbage and chopped-down trees were discovered in a campground near Koocanusa Lake, next to the town of Fernie. When the long weekend wrapped up, empty beer cans, leftover food and even clothing littered the grounds.

The mayor of Fernie says it’s part of an ongoing problem.

“There is a constant lack of respect for our land,” Mary Giuliano complained. “Noise, tearing up and down with ATVs, using chain saws to chop down trees, loud music till six a.m., and then leaving behind what you see in the photos. Many times large pieces of old furniture is also left behind.”

It’s believed that campers from Alberta are responsible, due to licence plates seen in the area.

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“This truly is unacceptable and is giving all visitors but especially those from Alberta a negative status,” Giuliano added. “I know that most of our visitors appreciate coming here and show respect. However, the ones that do not are causing a great deal of angst.”

Giuliano says Area B director Heath Slee has organized a gathering of people to tour the area and clean up the garbage.

Fernie is located about 300 kilometres southwest of Calgary, and is a popular destination for Albertans year-round.

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