May 20, 2014 10:20 pm
Updated: May 20, 2014 10:39 pm

UPDATE: Kelowna cops say stabbing and carjacking might be linked



Kelowna RCMP say there may be a link between two attacks that sent two Kelowna men to hospital.

Both attacks happened on Cameron Avenue (off Gordon) early Tuesday morning.

The first one occurred when a 20-year-old man says he was jumped from behind and stabbed before the suspects took his wallet.

Police found out about the stabbing after receiving a call from Kelowna General Hospital where the man was being treated.

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The second attack occurred in the same area as the stabbing and involved a seemingly good samaritan who offered to help his would-be assailants with their broken down car.

Robert Polyak, 38, says he was heading home when he noticed the broken down car on Cameron Avenue and offered to help.

“I was halfway out of my car and I got whacked on the back of the head with a baton and I went down. They kicked me in the head and shoulders several times. I was trying to crawl away.”

Polyak says the thieves wanted his car.

“One (suspects) of them said to the other: ‘Get the car, get his car.’

Polyak says one of the male suspects drove away in his car while the others, two males and a female, took off in the car that was supposed to be broken down.

He says the suspects didn’t appear to be menacing.

“They were clean cut. They were well dressed. They were early 30’s maybe. I didn’t see anything distinguishable like tattoos or anything like that. So, I really don’t have a lot of information. It happened so quickly.”

Polyak’s car was found on fire on Gillard Forestry Road just outside of Kelowna city limits.

He figures the suspects torched his car because they wanted to get rid of the evidence.

“Maybe after driving away they were thinking twice about it saying: Hey, this car is pretty noticeable. It might have lowjack (GPS) or something. They probably just got scared and decided to just get rid of it and burn the evidence.”

RCMP say there might be a link between the two incidents.

“We’re currently investigating the possibility that these two events are related,” says Cst. Kris Clark.

But that’s all RCMP are saying right now. As for Polyak, he says the attack won’t change him.

“It’s horrible. It’s not going to change who I am. I would still pull over and help somebody if they needed help. I couldn’t let this or anything else change who I am. That would be like letting them win.”




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