May 20, 2014 11:55 am

WATCH: Air rescue team saves young baby from rising floodwater in Bosnia


A Slovenian rescue team airlifted a baby from its flooded house in the Bosnian town of Samac over the weekend, footage released by the Slovenian army showed.

The rest of the baby‘s family was evacuated later on, the rescue team said.

In total on Saturday, the Slovenian team airlifted 18 people, including two three-month-old babies.

Slovenian police and army pilots participated in rescue operations in the flood-hit Bosnia for a fifth day in a row on Tuesday.

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One of the rescue operators said some people were reluctant to be evacuated and leave behind everything they had worked hard to rebuild after the country’s 1992 – 1995 war.

Robert Kralj from the Slovenian police also talked about the desperation of the mothers, who stayed behind in their flooded houses.

“There were mothers, who gave us their babies to take away without them going with them, which shows a great level of trust, but also the drama of the situation.”

The flooding in the Balkans has forced half a million people out of their homes and led to at least three dozen deaths.

The Bosnian government said it was considering giving land for free to compensate partly for the damage caused by the flooding.

Bosnia declared Tuesday a day of mourning.

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