Manitoba to start zapping Lake Winnipeg zebra mussels next week

zebra mussels
Manitoba will use potash to fight invasive zebra mussels in four Lake Winnipeg harbours. Kilian Fichou / AFP / Getty Images

WINNIPEG – Manitoba plans to start sealing off four Lake Winnipeg harbours after the long weekend in a bid to quash an invasion of zebra mussels.

The province has announced it will close off the Gimli, Winnipeg Beach, Balsam Bay and Arnes harbours with a curtain before pumping them full of liquid potash.

It’s believed to be the first time the method has been tried in open water and scientists are calling it a “golden opportunity” to kill the zebra mussels before they take hold.

The curtain will be opened to allow commercial fishing boats in and out of the harbours, the province said.

The treatment is expected to be completed by early June.

Zebra mussels are an invasive species that can disrupt the food chain, clog water pipes and create algae.

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