WATCH: 365 metres up! Manitoba crew installs high-def transmitter

WINNIPEG – Crews are going to dizzying heights to install Global Winnipeg’s new high-definition television transmitter in western Manitoba.

A crew near Minnedosa, Man., took a GoPro camera with them to the top of a 365-metre transmission tower. The stunning view is not for the faint of heart. For comparison, the CN tower is 553 metres high, and visitors to the Toronto landmark rise to 346 metres when they visit  the LookOut Level.

The installation crew rose in a basket after climbing the tower by foot to rig the wires that lifted the basket and antennae bays.

Their work will bring stunning high-definition television to Global viewers in the rural area.

“We’re the only broadcaster that’s upgrading their transmitters in the non-mandated [regional] markets,” said Len Virog, Global Winnipeg’s manager of technical services.

Global viewers around Minnedosa will switch from the Channel 2 analogue signal to high-definition Channel 9 before the end of May. The Channel 2 transmission will continue for a few weeks as customers adjust to the change.

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