April 29, 2014 6:43 pm

Offensive Linemen On The Bombers Radar

Blue Bombers GM Kyle Walters discusses upcoming CFL Draft.

Blue Bombers GM Kyle Walters discusses upcoming CFL Draft.

Russ Hobson

WINNIPEG- The CFL’s Canadian Draft is just two weeks away and thanks to last years 3 and 15 record the Bombers hold the 2nd overall selection.  General Manager Kyle Walters is making no secret of what he intends to do with that pick, with the Bombers needing to upgrade their offensive line.

“Let’s be open and honest, we’re looking at the offensive linemen.” said Walters. “We’re looking at a centre. That’s a priority for us.”

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The Bombers have narrowed their focus down to two players.  Both offensive linemen, Pierre Lavertu from Laval and Matthias Goossen out of Simon Fraser University.  They’ve both being flown in so the Bombers can take a closer look.

“If you’ve got 2 guys you like, you can get one of the two.” said Walters. “Pierre Lavertu is here now, Matthias Goossen is coming in tomorrow. We’re gonna let Bob Wylie take a look at these guys, put them through a workout.”

And when it comes to selecting a franchise type player its not always just about their talent.

“Mike (O’Shea) and I just got back from lunch with Pierre and just sorta get a feel for the character of these guys and just doing everything we can to make sure we’re doing everything we can to make sure we make the right pick.” said Walters.

Walters also has the option to trade the team’s 2nd overall pick and he says about half the teams in the league have already inquired, but no serious offers yet.

“One team put something together it was almost laughable to be honest with you.” said Walters. “But nothing beyond just some feelers I would say and the one serious one was not even worth responding to, to be honest with you.”

The Bombers already traded their 2nd round pick to the Roughriders as part of the Patrick Neufeld-Alex Hall deal.  So the Bombers won’t pick again until the 20th slot, meaning there’s not much chance that Winnipeggers and current Manitoba Bisons’ Anthony Coombs and Evan Gill will still be available when the Bombers turn comes around in Round 3.

“100 percent no.  Neither one of those will be there in the 3rd round.  Both of those guys will be first round picks I predict.” said Walters.

The draft is set for May the 13th.

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