VPD’s new ‘cold case’ web site gets 22,000 visits since launch

Vancouver police say their newly launched website that sheds more light on unsolved murder cases has received 22,000 visits since it went live in late April.

Investigators say they received 26 new tips as the result.

The need for a site of this kind was due to a number of police files that have grown ‘cold’ over the years due to lack of evidence or information. In response, the VPD’s Major Crime Squad’s homicide unit launched the site.

Although cold case web sites have been used by police departments in other cities across Canada, this is the first web site for the VPD.

Deputy Chief Adam Palmer said their goal is to reach as large an audience as possible with the hopes that it will give people an opportunity to information on homicide cases, which have been ‘cold’ for years.

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The web site contains: a summary overview of the case; media stories from the time of the murder; locations of interest and photographs of interest.

Vancouver police say more photos have been added to the site, as well as several videos of Global TV news stories featuring some of the cases on the site, such as Richard Chacon and Cathy Berard. In addition, other cases will be added in the weeks to come.