WATCH: Tourists rescue baby dolphin stranded on a beach in Greece

A baby dolphin likely owes its life to a group of tourists who banded together to help rescue the youngster after strong waves caused it to become stranded on shore.

Greek and foreign tourists in Rethymno City, Crete, noticed the baby dolphin struggling against strong waves on a beach near a hotel this past Saturday.

According to the European News Exchange, the tourists wrapped the baby dolphin in wet towels and blankets, and tried to keep it moist as it had become extremely weak and unable to swim out to sea on its own.

For hours, a group of tourists stayed by the young dolphin’s side, their task made tougher by the fact that all stores and pharmacies were closed for the Easter holiday.

ENEX reports that the tourists even gave the young dolphin a name: Anastasis.

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By morning the dolphin’s strength had returned, and they were able to shepherd the mammal out to sea.

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