B.C. teachers start phase one of strike plan today

The battle between B.C. teachers and the provincial government is heating up.

Phase one of a strike plan starts today, and it appears some students will be affected.

As of this morning, teachers will not meet or communicate with school administrators.

Although they will maintain “existing commitments” to extracurricular activities, they won’t supervise students outside of classes.

“We’re going to be in our classrooms teaching, working with our students, meeting parents and doing report cards,” says Jim Iker, President of the BCTF. “We will continue to do all pre-arranged voluntary activities.”

At least six school districts across B.C. are cancelling recess at elementary schools.

Teachers escalated job action after contract talks stalled, particularly around issues like wages, class size, and composition.

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Many parents say they are worried about the possibility of a full scale strike.

“As a working parent, it’s really difficult to manage what to do with the kids, especially if it’s last minute,” one parent told Global News.

“Yes, it concerns me as a parent, but I’m completely supportive of what the teachers are doing,” said another parent. “I think the idea of lowering class size is a smart move.”