NYPD Twitter campaign hijacked with photos of police brutality

Watch above: What started as a simple social media campaign by the NYPD, quickly descended into a PR disaster. Robin Stickley explains.

TORONTO – The New York City Police Department asked Twitter users on Tuesday to share photos of themselves posing with officers using the hashtag #myNYPD.

Meant as a way for the police force to drum up community support and unite New Yorkers, the #myNYPD hashtag was soon filled with images of police attacking protesters, pinning down dogs, and generally being rough with people.

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There is no context behind most of the images or if the aggressive force being portrayed was justified.

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While there were some positive photos that were tweeted, the images of alleged police brutality overshadowed the campaign’s original intent.

The official NYPD Twitter account has not yet responded to the backlash.