Prince George conservation officer rescues beaver found in illegal trap

A Prince George conservation officer is happy a beaver is safe today after finding him caught in an illegal snare trap.

The animal was caught in the wire trap, which was placed in the middle of a residential area, and officers spent some time trying to get the beaver free.

“It was definitely a bit of a wrestling match,” said CO Todd Hunter. “[He’s] probably going to be pretty sore, having that cable wrapped around.”

He said the wire was wrapped up very tightly around the beaver’s chest and was underneath its arms.

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“So it probably caused him a lot of pain,” said Hunter.

The trap was placed along the shore of a creek and Hunter said he is concerned because it could just have easily caught a dog or a child.

“I’d like to find out who did it so if anybody knows, off Oak Street and then the Hudson’s Bay Slough, who’s trying to trap and catch those beavers, we want to find out an investigate it thoroughly,” he said.

The beaver is fine and was released back into the wild where he belongs.

 – With files from CKPG


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