Baby in Pakistan charged with attempted murder

This photograph taken on April 3, 2014 shows a Pakistani lawyer taking the thumb impression from nine-month-old toddler Mohammad Musa on a bail bond in Lahore. STR/AFP/Getty Images

TORONTO – A nine-month-old baby boy has been charged with attempted murder in Pakistan after he allegedly took part in a riot with his father and grandfather.

Baby Mohammad Musa was fingerprinted and booked after police and gas company workers were stoned during an angry protest as they tried to collect overdue bills.

According to his relatives, Musa is currently in hiding after he appeared in court last week in the city of Lahore.

During his court appearance he cried and sucked on his bottle.

“He does not even know how to pick up his milk bottle properly, how can he stone the police?” his grandfather reportedly asked media at the court last week.

According to Reuters, Musa was apparently charged because an assistant sub-inspector complained he’d been beaten and injured by the baby’s whole family in a report.

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Musa’s currently on bail and is expected to appear for his second court hearing April 12.

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