Abbotsford family face noise complaints for daughter with cerebral palsy

WATCH: An Abbotsford family has received warning letters from their property manager sighting complaints about noise made by their youngest daughter who is physically disabled. Elaine Yong reports.

A family living in an Abbotsford apartment is facing a difficult situation, as they face noise complaints made by their youngest daughter who is physically disabled.

“If you see us out and around, just ask questions, we aren’t afraid to say anything,” says Michael Blundell.

While they live on the ground floor, the family has been getting a number of noise complaints from the people across the hall since they moved in, with the last one accompanied by a note from the property manager threatening eviction if another complaint was made.

However, the Blundell family says the reason for the noise is their three-year-old Emily, who was born with hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy. She pushes chairs and stools around the apartment to get around.

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“You want her to be able to have the freedom,” says Michael’s wife Marilou. “where she wants and when she wants…she’s very eager to do things herself.”

Baywest, the company that manages the building, say that they’re committed to finding a solution to the dispute. Last weekend, they met with the Blundells and the individual that issued the most recent complaint.

The Blundells have agreed to put felt pads on the bottom of their chairs – but they’re also hoping for more understanding.

“Before you act on impulse, find out what we’re all about,” says Marilou. “What she’s all about.”

– With files from Elaine Yong

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