Pierre Karl Péladeau wins seat in Saint- Jérôme

WATCH: Pierre-Karl Peladeau wins his seat, but what does his party’s defeat mean for his political future?

Media mogul Pierre-Karl Péladeau won a seat in the Assemblée Nationale on Monday.

Péladeau, who was named as the Parti Québecois’ star candidate barely a month ago, when the PQ still seemed poised to win, received 38.8 per cent of the vote in early results. He defeated CAQ candidate Patrice Charbonneau, who took home 26.7 per cent of the vote.

Péladeau is former President and CEO of Quebecor Inc., which runs Quebecor Media and, in turn, controls some of Quebec’s most influential print and broadcast media organizations, as well as dozens of English-language newspapers.

His fist-raising declaration of support for a Quebecois state is now seen a turning point in the PQ’s electoral demise, startling a public in no mood for a referendum.

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The riding was previously held by CAQ star Jacques Duchesneau, a former police chief, who decided not to run for re-election.

Marois, for her part, remained in second place in her Charlevoix-Cote-de-Beaupres riding at 9:15 p.m. Monday, although few of the polls in that area had been counted.

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