Residents fight controversial Brookswood redevelopment plan; city council votes

WATCH (above): More than 500 people turned up for a special council meeting in the Township of Langley tonight. As Catherine Urquhart reports, a new proposal could see new home and shops in the farm community of Brooskswood.

More than 500 people gathered in a Langley church last night for a controversial city council meeting surrounding the planned redevelopment of the Brookswood area.

Last night’s third reading of the proposed densification plan follows several public hearings and on Sunday hundreds of people demonstrated against the plan.

The land is currently home to acreages and farms but if approved, the community plan would include new homes, townhomes and shops, as well as bring thousands of new residents.

“Right now there are approximately 13,000 people who live in Brookswood,” said Langley Township mayor Jack Froese. “The official community plan that is existence now, which was approved in 1987, calls for a population of 35,000.

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“The plan that’s being discussed [tonight] has a potential build out of 42,000 people so about 7,000 more people then what was approved in 1987.”

Residents were clearly relieved after city council defeated the proposed community plan seven to two.

It was a big win for many of the resident against major development.

~with files from Catherine Urquhart  


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