BLOG: Morning News Rewind – March 31

Melissa sets up to the plate on the Morning News.
Melissa sets up to the plate on the Morning News. Eric Beck / Global News

Louis’ Loft, Going Yard Baseball Warehouse, Tourism Saskatoon and Hats & That were all featured on Monday’s Morning News.

Jessica learns how Tourism Saskatoon is taking on the world

Tourism Saskatoon seems to have great initiative when it comes to marketing our city to the world.

Yes the world.

They have taken their campaigns to new places around the globe, trying to put Saskatoon on the map and attract people to our favourite summer festivals! We have a lot to offer, why not share that with the world!

Batter up! Melissa takes a few swings at the new Going Yard Baseball Warehouse

Baseball season is one of my most favourite things not only because it is the first sign that summer is just around the corner but also because I love watching the Toronto Blue Jay do it!

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This new in-door facility is a great new addition to Saskatoon. With long winters I feel this facility will be highly in use. From what I could tell from being on location this morning, the baseball community here in Saskatoon is such a vibrant community and now with a facility, like the baseball warehouse, athletes no longer have to go months without training.

One thing that I wish I had more time to touch upon was the Jays Care Foundation. This year the foundation has teamed up with the Boys and Girls Club of Saskatoon. The kids will be taking part in the Jays’ Rookie League Program. This opportunity uses the game of baseball as a foundation to teach children the importance of team work, cooperation and self-esteem.

This is another wonderful bonus that comes along with the MLB season!

Jessica finds out what hats are in fashion this spring

I had a ton of fun with this interview. Debbie is always a great time when she comes on her show with new hats for the season.

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My favourite she brought today was the fold up sun hat. I find the hardest part about travelling with a sun hat is you have to carry it so you don’t ruin it. Not this hat. No no. You can throw it in your bag and you are good to go.

Kevin hangs out at Louis’ Loft in this week’s Food for Thought

Louis’ Loft is a versatile space at the University of Saskatchewan offering up food, coffee and local drinks during the day and special events and conferences in the evening.