Mayoral candidates Stintz and Chow show up at Toronto-focused fashion show

The Anu Raina show was very much Toronto-focused. There was mayoral candidates Karen Stintz to the right, Olivia Chow to the left and two journalists in the middle.

If that wasn’t Toronto enough, fabric/textile designer Anu Raina paid tribute to the city with prints that had the CN Tower, streetcars, maps of Dundas Street and — for those who didn’t want a literal map on their body — a print featuring a pair of love birds hanging on a wire.

Raina designed the prints herself and sent them down the runway on girlish dresses, long skirts, skinny pants and the occasional sheer top (which featured a map of Dundas Street.)

And if you’re interested, Chow wore a black suit accessorized with an Anu Raina Toronto scarf and Stintz wore black and white.

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