Klaxon Howl offers a 20s aesthetic and bowler hats

Klaxon Howl offered a look that referred to the working class of the 20s with the models walking the runway in wool trousers, waistcoats, and black berets perched over their foreheads.

The collection was dominated by black and grey with the occasional hit of plum and olive green. The men wore dark denim with turned up hems (a trend for most menswear collections today), bomber jackets, and ascots (also seen at HD Homme and Christopher Bates.)

Klaxon Howl did offer something outside of the traditional trouser/shirt/waistcoat combination, giving an option of full-length dungarees in plain or pindot denim. Bomber jacket alternatives included a lace-up, almost corset-effect at the back.

For headgear, there was a choice between berets, toques and for the discerning gentleman, a bowler hat.


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