Noise limit the law for motorcycles in Saskatoon

Watch above: motorcyclists are disappointed in a new noise bylaw

SASKATOON – It will soon be warm and dry enough for motorcycles to be out on Saskatoon streets, but the noise that comes along with them may be illegal.

On Monday night, city council approved amendments to the noise bylaw which will enable officers to ticket drivers with motorcycles louder than 92 decibels.

“The intent is not to target motorcycles, the intent is that across the country the only vehicle that there’s been the ability to set a national standard for noise is a motorcycle,” said Ward 6 councillor Charlie Clark.

While council has been waiting to set a standard for all vehicles, Clark says the right technology has yet to be developed.

About a dozen motorcyclists sat in council chambers Monday, ultimately very disappointed in the decision.

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“It’s one of those things that are very subjective. Is a siren from a police car or an ambulance over 92 decibels? Yes it is. Is a bus pulling away from a bus stop over 92 decibels? Yes it is,” said Neil Nemeth with the Canadian army veteran riding organization.

“Is a motorcycle pulling away from a stop sign over 92 decibels? It could be if there are alterations made to that motorcycle.”

This issue isn’t new to councillors. Clark says residents have been bringing up the noise concern to him for the last four years.

“Lots of people in the community have said other cities have found some ways to enforce this better why not Saskatoon and I think it is time to move ahead and at least provide some provisions,” said Clark.

At this point, the bylaw still needs to be written and is expected to be enforced by police before motorcycles hit the streets this summer.

At least eight other cities in Canada have adopted the practice of a motorcycle noise bylaw.

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