Watch: Squamish residents faced with another derelict boat in their backyard

For the second time in as many months, Squamish is dealing with a derelict boat and the possible threat of pollution.

In January, a century-old wooden tugboat sank near the government dock in Squamish, spilling 1,500 liters of diesel into local waters.

Now, the man who helped maintain that tugboat is at the centre of another dispute: a former U.S. navy ship that’s now moored in the area is also in questionable shape.

The derelict freighter was brought up by Squamish resident Steen Larsen a few months ago.

In January, Larsen was slapped with a lawsuit by Western Forest Products to remove the freighter from their water property.

He brought in a lawyer, and the ship was moved to the middle of Mamquam Blind Channel.

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Larsen’s lawyer says he hopes to refurbish the new freighter and put it to some sort of commercial use.

Squamish residents worry Larsen will bring it in by high tide, and park it at the government wharf, beside his two other barges.