Leaked teacher strike documents prompts BCTF denial

Earlier today, a memo outlining the BC Teachers Federation strike options was leaked and allegedly involved the Surrey Teachers Association.

The memo, which the Surrey Teachers Association denies leaking, states there are three phases to the job action. Phase one would include no administrative meetings; phase two would be rotating strikes across the province with each district taking their turn to walk out; and phase three would be a full scale walkout across the province.

Teachers are in the midst of a strike vote which will be completed by Thursday evening. The BCTF confirmed to Global News today that teachers are voting on two phases of job action with one being rotating strikes or walkouts across B.C.

“No time frame has been set for that [phase],” Global BC Legislative Bureau Chief Keith Baldrey said. “But it does raise the prospect of more disruption in schools than what BCTF president Jim Iker had led on a couple of weeks ago.”
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Education Minister Peter Fassbender has concerns about the document.

“The document comes from a teachers association in a school district,” Fassbender said. “It was presented at a meeting of teachers this morning. It has a very clear strike mandate.

“The message I want to give again is, we are at the negotiation table, we have been there, we continue to be there, we want a negotiated solution, we want to make sure we have no disruptions for students.”

Iker has denied the document has come from the union and instead says it’s a tactic being used by the government.

But Fassbender denies the allegation and said the document was not altered and that “even if you take one part of it, it is disturbing because it flies in the face of the message that I have heard from the BCTF.”

There are no timelines in place, according to Iker, who still says if a positive strike vote does occur there will not be any immediate job action.

Strike vote results will be released tomorrow night.

On Unfiltered, Monica Moberg, Chairperson at Vancouver District Parent Advisory Council, said she’s confident parents will respect the teachers’ actions.

“I’ve met Jim Iker at a couple conferences, and I’ve learned that he’s a very thoughtful, caring, giving person. His union does not take actions without a lot of forethought,” she said.

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“When it comes to teachers and action possibly happening, teachers are going to be very patient, they respect the teachers, they want the teachers to be fairly bargained with.”

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