Ethan Richarde in good spirits after receiving treatment for skin condition


There’s a happy ending for an Alberta boy who told his mother just two months ago that he didn’t want to live.

Ethan Richarde has Job Syndrome, a rare skin condition that requires expensive medical treatment to control. Treatment that at the time was not covered by the province.

When Global News aired Ethan’s story earlier this year, Albertans opened their wallets and their hearts to ease his pain. A fundraising drive held by radio station K-97 netted nearly $40,000.

Alberta’s Health Minister also got on board, working with the government to get the treatment covered by the province.

Ethan began treatment in March, and his condition has improved dramatically. He is now off the medication he was taking to control the pain.

His mom Noella says that the change is miraculous.

"He’s more involved in life. He wants to go out there." she says. "We’re going ziplining and we’re going start doing things. I’m not going to cry because I don’t want to embarrass him – but we’re able to do things we couldn’t do before"

Ethan and his mother will soon be travelling to Washington D.C., where doctors will hopefully be able to properly treat his Job Syndrome.

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