Golden curlers greeted by heroes’ welcome at Winnipeg airport

WINNIPEG – Team Jennifer Jones arrived home Monday night to a heroes’ welcome at Richardson International Airport.

A crowd cheered and live television cameras captured the moment as skip Jones, lead Dawn McEwen, second Jill Officer and third Kaitlyn Lawes followed a piper and two Mounties in red serge down the arrivals area escalator. Two more Mounties followed the team.

“It’s so nice to be home,” Jones shouted over the crowd, her voice rough with emotion. “It’s incredible to see so many people here and to come back to Winnipeg. We said that it was because of all of Winnipeg and Canada that we were on top of the podium, because the support we received was absolutely phenomenal, and we can’t thank everybody enough.”

Officer also became emotional as the crowd cheered.

“You know, we went there and we totally soaked up everything that was the Olympic Games, and when we went into the venue, we were focused on what we were there to do,” Officer said. “We were excited to be there and so we went out there and tried to lay it all on the line, and I think we did that, and it paid off.”

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Mayor Sam Katz said city and the province plan to honour the gold-medal-winning foursome, but didn’t say how.

“Number 1, we want to acknowledge and say thank you to all of the athletes that participated. Obviously there were some that had phenomenal success, like the Jones rink,” Katz said.

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