WATCH: Bird smashes through plane’s windshield

Watch: A bird smashes through the windshield of a small plane over Florida and it’s all caught on camera

Pilot Rob Weber got the surprise of a lifetime when a bird smashed through the windshield of his plane while flying into Fort Myers, Florida.

A camera on board his plane captured the moments the bird struck his windshield, sending pieces of glass and plastic into his face.

“It was a slap in the face, literally. I tried to duck down to the right a little bit after it happened to try to get out of the air. The glass was flying, the feathers were flying” said Weber.

In the video, Weber, who was alone in the plane, notices he’s bleeding from the forehead. Weber calmly stayed in control and landed the plane safely.

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Weber suffered only minor cuts.

Watch: Pilot Rob Weber looks back on the surprising run-in with a feathery friend

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