A recent Ipsos-Reid poll conducted for Global National and Postmedia News cited the economy as the second-most important issue to Canadians during the election campaign, second only to health care.

The current deficit stems from economic stimulus spending after the 2008 recession. Now, the challenge is to maintain growth levels while shrinking, and eventually eliminating, the deficit.

Here’s what the parties have said so far:


$6.6-billion campaign platform pledges to eliminate the deficit a year earlier than scheduled by cutting government spending

$2.2 billion to compensate Quebec for harmonizing the GST and PST


Shrink deficit to about $18.9 billion by 2012-2013

Reverse corporate tax cuts introduced by the Tories, saving about $5.2 billion a year


Shrink the deficit to about $18.9 billion


Spend $3.8 billion in new program expenditures, but gain $6.5 billion in tax hikes to larger businesses in 2011-12

Money from raising corporate taxes would be used to help pay for infrastructure, social housing and youth employment funds

$3.5 billion for supporting the creation of six municipal super-funds that would be used to fund infrastructure projects


Secure a $2.2-billion deal with Ottawa in compensation for the harmonized sales tax

More support for the forest industry.