Thursday, February 6, 2014: Global Edmonton Morning News

Six String Nation. Global News

Six String Nation

Canadian history, heritage, and culture will blend together within a very unique and beautiful musical instrument as “Six String Nation” performs at the Metro Cinema Thursday evening.

Ribbon of Green

Edmonton’s River Valley is one of the prides of the city. Thanks to an innovative art exhibit planned for this fall, you can put brush to canvas and express your appreciation of our our “Ribbon of Green.” Leslee Laing and Chris Carson provide the details.

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Find the Perfect Roommate

You’ve heard the horror stories, maybe you’ve even lived through them yourself, a bad roommate can make all the difference between harmony and stress and anxiety in the home. A group of NAIT business students has come up with a way they say can help find that perfect roommate.

Trending Now

Online Producer Slav Kornik tells us what’s trending on the web.

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