‘Becky’s New Car’ opens at Globe Theatre

There’s a new show playing at the Globe Theatre.

It’s the Globe’s third production of the season, and this one promises to give you that new car feel.

The main character, Becky Foster, is played by Tracey Ferencz. Becky is a middle aged woman who dreams of shaking things up and driving away from her current life into the thrill oft he unknown.

Then one day, that opportunity presents itself, and much hilarity ensues.

“Anybody who is middle aged or who knows somebody middle aged going through the -you know is this all I have in my life? What else should I be doing? Do I have any regrets? What’s up next for me? I think if you ask any of these questions, you’ll relate and you’ll enjoy,” said Ferencz.

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The actress is from Toronto, but says she loves performing at the Globe in Regina. She says the theatre in the round experience is second to none.

“I always thing of it as a big hug,” she told reporters on opening day.

She says Becky is a relate-able character, who makes mistakes and is unsure of what the future holds for her and her 26 year old son, who still lives at home. She says the familiarity with the characters is what make the play worth watching.

“They’ll laugh a lot, but it’s got a bit of dark heart. So, you might shed a tear or two and you’ll probably recognize yourself or your friends in the play so come. Have fun,” she said.

The play opened Wednesday and runs until February 9th.

In the clip above Becky and her 26 year old son, who still lives in her basement, have an argument about his future.