16X9: What happens when the human body hits its breaking point?

ABOVE: In this week’s episode of 16X9, Mark McAllister explores what can happen when the human body is pushed beyond its limits.

You may have rung in 2014 like many other Canadians – vowing to finally commit to a fitness plan or diet.

Fitness bootcamps, Spartan workouts, and the growing CrossFit movement claim to give you a sculpted body.

Their intense drills do get results, but in some cases, working out to the extreme can be harmful, and even fatal.

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John Vivian is a certified CrossFit level 2 trainer and the co-founder of CrossFit Toronto affiliate gym.

He spoke to 16X9 about the growing trend of CrossFit fitness.

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Devin Radcliffe, a former Canadian soldier, pushed himself too far in a CrossFit workout.

He almost died after getting rhabdomyolysis.

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Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky is considered an expert in rhabdomyolysis.

He has seen his cases double in the past few years.

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