Fire breaks out at a BC Housing complex in Burnaby

A fire broke out at a BC Housing complex this Christmas morning.

It happened at a building on Pandora Street in Burnaby.

It appears a Christmas tree may have been tipped over and caught some curtains on fire in one of the suites.

Assistant Chief Scott Wren says there was one person in the suite, but everybody managed to get out of the building.

“We had three minor smoke inhalation [cases], two went to the hospital,” says Wren.

Wren says there is major damage to the suite where the fire started out and smoke damage to the entire building.

It is not clear when residents will be let back in.

Meanwhile, Emergency Social Services will be taking care of the affected residents for the time being.

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Some neighbours were seen dropping off blankets, clothing and other items at the scene of the fire earlier today.

“I figured it is not a good way to start Christmas, and these people are quite poor to begin with. I just thought it is terrible they have to spend Christmas sitting on the bus,” neighbour Louise told Global News. “They would not have much for Christmas anyway, but it would be nice to have a home anyway.”

Courtesy: Dave Tyler
Courtesy: Dave Tyler
Courtesy: Dave Tyler
Courtesy: Dave Tyler