Uber driver shot, killed by 81-year-old after both received scam calls

Click to play video: 'Elderly man in Ohio fatally shoots Uber driver after scam phone calls targeted both of them'
Elderly man in Ohio fatally shoots Uber driver after scam phone calls targeted both of them
A tragic story out of Ohio, where a phone scam ended with a deadly confrontation. An elderly man who had received threatening phone calls confronted and killed an Uber driver who he thought came to his house as part of the scam – Apr 17, 2024

Scam calls that brought two strangers together resulted in one shooting the other in a tragic incident in Ohio.

William Brock, 81, was indicted on Monday by a Clark County grand jury for murder, kidnapping and felonious assault for allegedly shooting and killing Uber driver Loletha Hall, 61.

Hall was killed on March 25 after being sent via the Uber app to Brock’s house to pick up a package for delivery. When she arrived, Brock threatened her with a gun.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office released footage taken by Hall’s dash camera showing Brock aiming a pistol at her as she backs away and yells for help.

In this image taken from Uber dashcam video released by the Clark County, Ohio, sheriff’s office, William Brock, right, holds a weapon to Uber driver Loletha Hall outside his home in South Charleston, Ohio, on March 25, 2024. Clark County Sheriff's Office via AP

Brock would later tell investigators that he received a number of scam calls earlier that day from someone pretending to be an officer from the local court. The scammer claimed that one of Brock’s relatives was in jail and he needed to wire money for their bond. When Brock resisted, the caller threatened to harm him and his family.

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When Hall arrived at his doorstep, Brock believed she was involved in the scam attempt.

Police believe Hall had no knowledge of the calls made to Brock, and was herself a victim of the scammer or an accomplice.

When she arrived at the home, Brock pulled out a gun and demanded she tell him who had made the threatening calls. He also took Hall’s cellphone and would not let her leave.

When Hall tried to get away, Brock shot her once, authorities said, then shot her two more times as they discussed the situation. Brock somehow sustained a minor head injury during the confrontation. He called 911 shortly after he fired the third shot and told the operator that he had shot someone who was trying to rob him.

Hall was taken to a hospital but later died from her wounds.

Brock was arrested and charged with murder because authorities say Hall did not pose an active threat when she was shot, and Brock failed to contact authorities for help before resorting to deadly force.

Brock pleaded not guilty to murder and posted a US$200,000 bond on Wednesday, CNN reports. His next court hearing is scheduled for Monday.

Uber called the death of its driver a “horrific tragedy.” The company has been in contact with Hall’s family and law enforcement.

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“Our hearts continue to be with Loletha’s loved ones as they grieve.”

Uber has banned the account of the person who ordered Hall’s Uber to Brock’s house, the company told CNN.

An online obituary for Hall described her as “an incredible cook who put her heart and soul into every dish and was known for her delicious buttery pound cakes.”

“Although Letha enjoyed traveling and visiting family and friends, she felt most fulfilled gardening, fishing, and cooking,” it reads.

Hall is survived by her 33-year-old son Mario John Hall.

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