2013 Holiday Tipping Guide

The holidays are the perfect time to show your appreciation to those you provide you with helpful service throughout the year. When deciding on who and what to tip, be sure to take into consideration how often you/they visit, the personal attention you receive, and most importantly your budget!

The following is a guideline to ensure you remain on the “nice list” of your service providers in 2014:

Hairstylist, trainer, aesthetician and other service providers: Consider giving a tip equal to the value of one visit. This only applies to people you see regularly. Otherwise a 15%-20% tip per visit, without the holiday bonus, is standard.

Mail and newspaper carrier: A gift or gift card between $10 and $20 will show your appreciation to the individual delivering the mail and paper to your door on those cold, blistery mornings.

House cleaner: Give the value of one cleaning visit. If you pay $65 per visit, then give a gift of gift card with an approximate value of $65.

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Doorman and concierge of residential building: Plan on giving each doorman and concierge between $20 and $50, depending on the type of building. Throughout the year if your doorman or concierge provides an extra service, like carrying your luggage, tip between $5-$10 per trip.

Nannies and daycare: Full-time nannies have salaries, and a standard tip would be to give an additional cheque equal to anywhere from one week to one month’s pay (Remember, these people help keep your children happy, occupied and safe throughout the year!)

Babysitter: For your regular babysitter, a gift card or cash equivalent to one night’s pay.

Dog walker, pet groomer: Your dog walker should receive a cash gift equivalent anywhere from one day to one week’s service. Your groomer should receive a cash gift equivalent to one visit.

Office Assistant: A “bonus” gift card or cash equivalent.

Boss: It is NOT necessary to give a gift to your boss. Should you feel compelled, consider an “office gift” from all employees.

Teachers: Organize a “class gift” from all children, and don’t forget about the teacher’s aide!

Holiday tipping is about showing your appreciation towards those who make your life easier throughout the year. Should your budget be too tight to tip this year, consider giving your service providers a basket of homemade cookies along with a handwritten note of appreciation. Remember, it is the thought that counts!

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