Jimmy Kimmel targets Rob Ford, dancing councillors on late night TV

Watch the video above: Jimmy Kimmel targets Rob Ford and Toronto city councillors

TORONTO, Ontario – It had been a while since the late night talk show hosts zeroed in on Rob Ford, but at least one of them poked fun at the Toronto mayor and city council Tuesday night.

On ABC`s Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host played a video clip of Ford and other councillors dancing during their council meeting earlier in the day.

Ford and several councillors danced to a performance by a local jazz trio in a rare moment of fun in what has been a highly charged venue of late.

“One minute they`re yelling at each other and the next they`re dancing all around the room,” joked Kimmel, who added that the “Mayor Ford experience” has been very educational.

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“For a while, I thought it was just Mayor Ford, but what I`ve realized is Canadians are much, much weirder than any of us had any idea they were,” joked Kimmel.

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