“Even Santa makes mistakes”: Abby police release their holiday card

APD's 2013 Christmas greeting card. APD handout

The Abbotsford Police Department has released their new Christmas Holiday Card emphasizing “even Santa makes mistakes”, which they hope offers inspiration rather than controversy like last year’s holiday greeting.

The B.C. force’s Operation Resolution greeting card is designed to reflect the APD’s belief in offering positive opinions to people in the community. But instead, last year’s card generated a fair amount of controversy when Police Chief Bob Rich, dressed as a machine gun-laden Santa, posed the question “Which list will you be on next year?”

The card was distributed to gang members, prolific and serial offenders. The point was to ask the offenders to make a difference with their life. However, not everyone felt the card was in good taste.

2012’s controversial Christmas greeting photo

APD’s controversial 2012 Christmas greeting card.
APD’s controversial 2012 Christmas greeting card.

So this year’s theme takes a playful tact saying, “even Santa makes mistakes.”

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The APD hopes people recognized the spirit of their 2013 card and in particular that “it’s never too late to make a different choice about the rest of your life.”

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