Alzheimer Awareness Month; supported by Global Calgary

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January is Alzheimer Awareness Month

January is recognized across Canada as Alzheimer Awareness Month, a time dedicated to increasing awareness about dementia and its impact on Canadians. Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias impact more than 600,000 Canadians and this number is set to double by 2030. With so many people impacted now and into the future, it is important to look at how we treat those in our community living with dementia and reduce the stigma that goes with a diagnosis. This January, Alzheimer Calgary is launching a month-long campaign to increase the visibility and relatability of dementia.

Alzheimer Calgary offers assistance through a team of dementia support navigators and evidence-based family, public, and professional education. It also facilitates adult day programs for those with dementia that allow them to connect with their peers, while simultaneously offering respite to caregivers.

By focusing on what remains in people, rather than on what they’ve lost, Alzheimer Calgary is redefining what it means to live with dementia and the fullness of life that is still available to those who receive a diagnosis. For more information about Alzheimer Calgary, visit