Shadoe Davis

Radio Host

Shadoe Davis has been on the radio in many cities across Canada for the past 35 years but most of them have been spent in Winnipeg. “I just keep coming back,” he says. “It’s my hometown and I love it.”

He grew up in Transcona, went to Transcona Collegiate and has lived in pretty much every part of town since leaving his Mom & Dad’s basement back in ’82. His favorite things include: golf, singing (he’s not very good at it but

he loves doing it) playing guitar (again not very good but enjoys it) walking, animals, watching a great movie, reading, writing, and keeping a relatively healthy diet. “This doesn’t mean I don’t ever have a drink or some ice cream…just not as much as I used to. I guess my overall health has become more important to me the last few years.”

As for the transition from Rock to Talk radio…”My music program directors always told me I talked too much…so this is the perfect place for me. CJOB is a legendary radio station and to be honest I still sometimes think I’m asleep dreaming this whole thing. You’ll never hear me taking this job for granted. I’m very proud to have reached this pinnacle in my career and I’ll always do my best to make sure our show lives up to those legendary standards of the past but is also very relevant going forward.”

The Shadoe Davis show is on 6-10 weekday mornings on 680 CJOB.

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