Rick Webber

Executive Editor / Anchor

Rick Webber is the executive editor of Global Okanagan News.

He has served as a news anchor in the Okanagan for more than 28 years. He began his broadcast career 43 years ago, ranking him as B.C.’s most experienced television news anchor.

Webber’s first media job was as a part-time DJ while he was in Grade 12. This was at CJRW radio in Summerside P.E.I., where he hosted shows after school and on weekends. (In 1976, that meant playing a lot of hits from that new group Abba!)

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In 1978, he moved across the country to B.C. and started working full time at radio and TV stations around the province. Upon arriving in the Okanagan in 1990, it quickly became clear this is where he wanted to settle down.

Rick was born in Winnipeg, but, as the son of an officer in the Canadian Air Force, he grew up moving from base to base and from one province to another. Experiencing life in so much of the country made him a very proud Canadian.

Here in the Okanagan, he enjoys motorcycling and boating, and appreciates the local climate with our hot summers and some of Canada’s shortest winters.

His current role at Global Okanagan includes producing and anchoring the New Hour at 5 p.m., and vetting all local news content prior to air.