Fiona Odlum

Weather Specialist

Fiona Odlum began working for Global News in 2009 as an airborne helicopter reporter in Winnipeg. It was there she developed a love for reporting, wild weather patterns and sharing people’s stories. Fiona loves the everyday adventure of being a weather expert and the excitement of live reporting.

Fiona got her undergraduate degree at the University of Manitoba, where she also was a student athlete. After her sporting career was over she pursued a graduate degree in Environmental Sciences at the University of Victoria.

Over her 18+ years in broadcasting she has done it all, running scripts to anchors, hosting radio shows, working on Sesame Street, anchoring national shows and even locating a runaway felon hiding on a roof top trying to elude police.

In 2016, Fiona returned to her prairie roots and moved to Saskatoon from Toronto. If you see her about town, ask her what new recipe she is trying this week!

Fiona and her husband Derek are proud ‘puppy-parents’ to their two beautiful border collies, Miss Ruby and Miss Lewi-lu.