Bill Welychka
Host/ Producer

Bill Welychka has over 25 years of extensive TV broadcasting experience. (He started when he was 4??!!!?). His career began at MuchMusic in Toronto where he was an award-winning interviewer, host, producer and editor. He would go on to become MuchMusic’s/ MuchMoreMusic’s longest running on-air personality. Bill has travelled the globe countless times, conducting over 3,000 interviews with music legends, actors, athletes and royalty. He spent 6 years in Ottawa being a Weather Anchor and hosting the fun and popular “Bill’s Excellent Adventures”.

Bill’s most recent Adventure finds him in Kingston, where he hosts and produces CKWS Daily on CKWS-TV.

“I learned years ago, the size of the audience simply doesn’t matter. What’s important to me is connecting with the audience that is available, and being proud of the product we’re offering. I love the people here at CKWS and their work ethic and the lack of egos…we all share Corus’ values. It’s an awesome team, and I’m stoked to be a small part of it!”

To contact Bill, just send him an Email, or find him on Facebook. He reads everything, so be nice.