• Overwhelmed with spam texts? Stats show the problem is getting worse
    Messages that involve phishing — an attack where a scammer tries to trick the recipient into clicking a malicious link — are on the rise.
    May 5
  • Peachland issues warning about fake emails using town information
    “The District urges people to be cautious of phishing scam emails,” a public service announcement said on Friday.
    Apr 19
  • Manitoba government could boost security for remote work, auditor general says
    Manitoba's auditor general says the government should improve some encryption settings and do more to train staff in phishing and other scams to support work-from-home policies.
    Mar 12
  • Manitoba Indigenous-owned tech company helps elders spot scams
    'We want to be as accessible and as accommodating as possible when providing these workshops as well,' Flett said.
    Apr 12
  • Kingston police warn of parking ticket text message scam
    Investigators say the text messages are examples of a scam they call 'smishing.'
    Mar 27
  • Fraudulent text messages behind new phishing scam targeting drivers
    The organization behind the Concession A25 toll bridge connecting Laval and Montreal has issued a warning to drivers over the fraudulent messages.
    Feb 9
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  • Cyberattack on University of Winnipeg part of growing trend: expert
    After the University of Winnipeg discovered it was the victim of a cyberattack, a technology analyst said there are shortfalls in cybersecurity that need to be addressed.
    Mar 28
  • Phishing scams are targeting Guelph businesses and organizations, police say
    Guelph police say spear phishing is targeting businesses and organizations using convincing emails from seemingly trusted sources. Businesses are encouraged to be careful.
    Feb 6
  • Fraud, crime reports in Rutland on the rise: Kelowna RCMP
    In 2023, reported frauds increased 41 per cent, driven by tap schemes and phone or online scams, Triance told councillors. 
    Mar 12
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  • Winnipeg man was member of Chinese military branch behind cyber attacks on Canada, officials allege
    Huajie Xu told immigration officials he came to Canada for its air quality. Court records show he is a veteran of China's People's Liberation Army.
    Mar 25
  • Cyber attacks are getting easier, experts warn after 3rd federal incident
    Experts say cyber attacks are getting more numerous, more complex and easier - and that Canada's regulations don't go far enough to help companies stay safe.
    Mar 5
  • Forewarned is forearmed: VPD workshops aim to empower seniors against scammers
    Vancouver police are holding a series of workshops in the city aimed at arming seniors with the tools they need to ward off scammers.
    Feb 28
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  • Company out $35M after scammers stage video call with deepfake CFO, coworkers
    The employee was tricked into transferring $200 million Hong Kong dollars into five bank accounts after joining a video call with convincing AI fakes of their coworkers.
    Feb 5
  • Experts urge vigilance in wake of ‘supermassive leak’ of digital data
    “I haven’t seen anything like it,” Canada Research Chair in Security and Privacy Natalia Stakhanova told Global News Wednesday. “It’s a different scale.”
    Jan 24
  • Edmonton man turns to fraud-tracing group after losing $500K in cryptocurrency scam
    An Edmonton man says he is out half a million dollars after he invested it in a cryptocurrency-based scam. He's now found a non-profit group dedicated to getting it back.
    Dec 21, 2023
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  • Canada, allies issue cyber threat alert after hacking plot linked to Russia’s FSB exposed
    The U.K. and U.S. said a hacking group aligned with the Russian FSB has been targeting politicians and other groups and individuals with the goal of undermining democracy.
    Dec 7, 2023
  • Bank security questioned after Alberta small business owner is scammed out of $65K
    An Alberta small business owner is calling on Alberta's largest bank to up its security after she was scammed out of $65,000 and had to fight to get some of it back.
    Dec 11, 2023
  • Canadian firms paying ‘significantly’ more in ransomware attacks: data
    Canadian companies are paying more than $1 million on average to ransomware attacks, a report finds. That's a 150 per cent increase in two years.
    Dec 7, 2023
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  • QR code scam steals $10K from Calgary family
    A Calgary company is warning others after falling victim to a new, online scam using QR codes to defraud victims out of their money.
    Dec 5, 2023
  • Your credit rating could tank by making these common mistakes
    Even for those with generally good spending habits, some common mistakes can tarnish, or even outright tank, a credit rating - and it's not always as obvious as serious debt.
    Nov 28, 2023
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