Coronavirus: Additional health measures implemented in schools in New Brunswick’s red zones

New Brunswick’s Education Minister Dominic Cardy said on Sunday that additional health measures will be implemented in schools in red zones, which include the requirement for students and staff to stay home if they have even one symptom of COVID-19, school staff to be actively screened when they report to work each day, and schools to be closed if a single case of COVID-19 is detected to allow for testing and contact tracing.

COVID-19 contact tracing app launching nationwide

The federal government has unveiled a new nationwide app to help alert people of possible exposure to COVID-19. Mimik Founder Fay Arjomandi explains how the voluntary app will work.

COVID-19 contact tracing efforts in B.C.

B.C. top doctor says public health teams continue to trace the contacts of COVID-19 patients and she's strongly encouraging the federal government to use the resource to monitor people coming across our international borders. Keith Baldrey reports.
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Ontario spending $1 billion on testing, contact tracing

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is promising to invest $1 billion on COVID-19 testing and contact tracing, as cases spike. As Eric Sorensen explains, the new rules on who can be tested are causing confusion.

COVID-19 Pandemic: B.C. health officials say contact tracing can save lives

It's designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 but contact tracing is controversial when it comes to issues around privacy protection. As Nadia Stewart reports, the bottom line from B.C. health officials is that it's proven effective in saving lives in other jurisdictions, and could do the same here.
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Alberta Health Services ramps up COVID-19 contact tracing team

When someone is diagnosed with COVID-19, a group of health detectives springs into action. These "contact tracers" hunt down positive cases to find out who they may crossed paths with. Medical officer of health Dr. Grace Salvo joined Gord Steinke to talk about that and shared how since the pandemic was declared, the community tracking program has grown sevenfold.

Toronto Public Health reviewing its contact tracing practices

The number of staff members dedicated to contact tracing with Toronto Public Health has ballooned during the pandemic. But the City’s medical officer of health is looking to the province to make improvements to how test results are delivered. Matthew Bingley reports.
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Ford says new COVID-19 contact tracing app has ‘100 per cent privacy’

Speaking at a news conference on Thursday to discuss a COVID-19 contact-tracing app that is launching in Ontario, Premier Doug Ford addressed concerns of privacy surrounding the new technology, saying the app has '100 per cent privacy' and implored the public to download the app for the safety and protection of everyone amid the pandemic.
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COVID-19: Concerns raised about contact tracing in Alberta

When it comes to contact tracing, the number of COVID-19 cases with unknown sources is growing in Alberta. People either don't know or won't say where they might have been infected with COVID-19. Sarah Komadina has more.

Made in B.C. app for contact tracing

Health experts around the world are touting the significance of contact tracing in the fight against the spread of COVID- 19. A made in B.C. contact tracing app claims to do just that and address privacy concerns. Fay Arjomandi, who is the founder of Mimik Technologies, spoke on BC1 about the Pandimik app.
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