Six months after ISIS defeat, Mosul is a ghost town

Sara al-Zawqari, a Red Cross media delegate, shared video from Mosul on January 25, showing the devastation of the city six months on from the defeat of Islamic State by US-backed Iraqi troops and militias.

Iraq claims victory of ISIS in Mosul

Iraq is claiming a major victory against the so-called Islamic State in the country’s second biggest city, Mosul. But as Cindy Pom reports, the fight against the terror group isn’t over yet.

Iraqi army continues to weaken ISIS forces in Iraq

The joint Iraqi forces have succeeded in weakening ISIS powers in Iraq, as they have lost control over most of the Iraqi regions in Al-Ramadi and they have also lost many fighters from their terrorist organization.

Iraqi army helicopter offers aerial view of Mosul

Iraqi army helicopters flew over the town of Hamdaniyah on Thursday as Iraqi government and allied forces seek to rout Isamic State militants from their last urban stronghold in Mosul.

Drone footage captures civilians fleeing with white flags during the Battle for Mosul

Kurdish Peshmerga forces surrounded the strategic town of Bashiqa, north of Mosul, on Monday, October 24, one week after Iraqi forces launched an offensive to retake Iraq’s second largest city from Islamic State. Civilians in Faziliyah village, near Bashiqa, carried white flags as they fled toward Peshmerga fighters on Monday, as seen in this footage released by Kurdish news outlet Rudaw.

Iraqi forces close in on Mosul

The Iraqi army moves in on two neighbouring Christian villages north of Mosul. Reuters' Julie Noce reports.

Iraqi offensive underway to retake ISIS-held city of Mosul

A bloody battle is now underway in Iraq, which could mark a significant step towards defeating the so-called Islamic State. The city of Mosul was captured by I.S. during its stunning summer offensive a couple of years ago. Tonight, tens of thousands of Iraqi and US-led forces are battling to retake the city, and Canadian special forces are helping too. Jeff Semple explains.

Joint Kurdish/Iraqi offensive slams into ISIS-held city of Mosul, Iraq

The long-awaited offensive to retake Mosul begins with a volley of U.S.-led coalition airstrikes and heavy artillery bombardments on Islamic State group-held territory east of the city. Kurdish fighters lead much of the initial assault, claiming gains of some 200 square kilometres. Holly Williams reports.

Video captures explosions as battle in devastated Mosul continues

Sporadic clashes are continuing in Mosul, even after Iraq declared a "total victory" over the Islamic State group in the city. Explosions and large plumes of smoke were visible on Tuesday in the Old City, the scene of fierce final battles with ISIS.