Special edition Hockey Barbie

Tim Hortons has released a special edition Hockey Barbie and Canadian Hockey Player Sarah Nurse joins Global News Morning with more.

Barbie gets a new body

Wed, Feb 03: Parenting expert Erica Diamond talks to Camille Ross about the new Barbie, who now has different body types and skin tones to better match social reality.
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Montreal Barbie museum

It was a special event as the Barbie Museum at les Cours Mont-Royal was officially inaugurated.
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It’s Barbie’s birthday

Thu, Mar 9: It’s Barbie’s birthday today, but didn’t you hear it’s rude to ask a lady her age? Global's Matt Grillo finds out everything there is to know about the iconic fashion doll as she enters her 58th year.

Barbie museum arrives in Montreal

Sun, Feb 14: The largest permanent, haute-couture Barbie exposition in the world has arrived at Les Cours Mont-Royal. Starting on Feb. 11, more than 1,000 Barbies will be on display, representing all of the different styles she has donned throughout her long life. Amanda Jelowicki reports.
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