Canada offers permanent residency path for families of Ethiopian, Iran air disaster victims

Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino announced on Thursday that Canada would be offering a path to permanent residency for the next year to relatives of victims of two recent major air disasters: Ukrainian Airlines Flight 752 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302. Mendicino said applicants must be a relative of a victim who was either a citizen, a permanent resident, or a foreign national with a positive eligibility decision on their permanent residence application at the time of the disaster.

Travel restrictions leave Toronto couple stranded in India

Hari and Komal Garg travelled to India in March to finalize the adoption of their daughter. They were ready to return home when a federal travel ban kicked in, and now they're stuck there waiting for Canada to lift flight restrictions.

Consumer Matters: Are other airline refunds coming?

Consumer Matters reporter Anne Drewa has the latest on whether other airlines will follow Air Canada and Air Transat, and offer refunds to people whose flights were cancelled by the pandemic.

COVID-19: Tackling aerosol transmission through ventilator systems

Aerosols, small liquid particles that can remain in the air or travel, have been recognized by health officials as a major source of transmitting the virus that causes COVID-19. As Jamie Maraucher explains, to stop the disease from spreading, scientists say Canada needs to focus on improving ventilation systems.

Air Canada urging government to ease quarantine restrictions

The country’s largest airline is asking the Canadian government to ease quarantine restrictions. Passenger volumes have sharply declined because of the coronavirus pandemic. Shallima Maharaj has more on what Air Canada is proposing whether the COVID storm.

Air Canada to lay off at least half its workforce

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing pressure to provide a financial bailout for Canada's struggling airline sector, after Air Canada announced it will lay off 20,000 workers due to COVID-19. Mike Drolet reports.

Air Canada lays off 5000 workers in light of COVID-19 pandemic

It's another sign of the enormous impact of the coronavirus crisis. Canada’s largest airline has laid off fully half of its staff as the number of flights taking off has slowed to a trickle. Some 5000 Air Canada employees coast to coast are now out of work. Sarah MacDonald reports.
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Air Canada unveils Airbus A220 after long saga

Air Canada unveiled its newest plane today, the Airbus A220. The high profile launch at Air Canada's head office attracted a who's who of the business and political world. As Dan Spector reports, it marks the end of the years-long saga that created endless controversy in Quebec.

All-female flight crew for Air Canada

Ahead of International Women's Day, Air Canada staffed an all-female flight crew. Morgan Black has the story on an historic day in our airspace.
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Air Canada customers wanting refunds welcome news of feds’ loan to airline

As the pandemic continues to cripple air travel, the federal government is helping Air Canada with a multibillion-dollar aid package. Mike Armstrong looks at what the airline is now agreeing to do and what it means for travellers. Plus, Anne Gaviola explains why Air Canada is the first Canadian airline to get financial aid, and the likelihood of taxpayer dollars being repaid.

Trudeau calls Air Canada aid package a ‘good and fair deal’

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Tuesday that the federal government’s support package for Air Canada, which includes billions of dollars to help the airline rebuild from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, is a “good and fair deal in the interest of jobs, workers, communities and customers.”
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Air Canada flight involved in close call with other planes

Aviation authorities are investigating a safety incident at San Francisco International Airport last week. An Air Canada jet from Toronto was landing, but on its final approach, pilots in planes about to take off realized Flight 759 was heading straight for them. Mike Drolet reports.
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Air Canada promotes leisure flights despite travel advisories

Air Canada is promoting “leisure and business” flights to the U.S. at a time when tens of thousands of Americans are getting infected by the novel coronavirus every day and as federal travel advisories continue to warn against any non-essential travel out of the country.