August 6, 2013 12:12 am

Kamloops veteran outraged by government’s ‘mistreatment’ of former soldiers

Kamloops war veteran, Scott Casey, is outraged by the government's treatment of former soldiers. Submitted photo/CFJC TV

A Kamloops veteran is outraged by the way the government continues to treat its former soldiers.

Scott Casey, a veteran of the war in Bosnia, has filed six injury claims, of which many he’s had to appeal multiple times before getting approval.

“When we first started claims it would take eight weeks to be processed, then it took 12 weeks – now it takes 16 weeks,” Casey told Kamloops’ CFJC TV.

But Casey isn’t the only one with this problem – six Canadian soldiers have filed a class action lawsuit demanding better compensation for putting their lives on the line.

“There’s sort of a saying that’s going around… in the veteran’s community, is ‘delay, deny and hope that I’ll die.’ It’s sickening,” said Casey. “They hope that what happens is they deny us so many times and you’ll just give up.”

Casey has approached his local MP and is trying to raise awareness among Canadians about this “travesty” that many war veterans face.

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