July 7, 2014 9:11 pm

WATCH: Expensive camera gear goes missing on Air Canada flight


PENTICTON – A Penticton man was reluctant to check-in his professional camera equipment on a recent flight to Victoria.

For Doug Drouin, it was more than just equipment, it was his livelihood.

“After repeated assurances that my equipment would be okay in my checked luggage, that I didn’t have to purchase additional insurance and that my equipment would not leave the hands of Air Canada, I relented,” says Drouin.

Once he landed, he learned the baggage was lost during the layover.

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The airline hired a courier company to deliver the suitcase, but when Drouin opened up it up more than $8000 of gear was gone.

Air Canada says a thorough investigation was launched.

“The Penticton agents could not corroborate allegations requiring Mr. Drouin to check his bags,” says Angela Mah, an Air Canada spokesperson.

Even though the airline does not accept liability for cameras and electronic items, Mah says a exception has been made for Drouin.

“[We] have paid out $1,500, which is the maximum liability amount we have in our tariffs.”

But Drouin isn’t satisified.

“It would be like me parking my car via valet, and the valet stole my car. I feel like the business just compensated me with my bus pass.”

He doesn’t have much hope that Air Canada will compensate him the full amount or if he’ll ever see his camera equipment again.

Now, he wants to caution others to update their insurance, and to think carefully before checking in valuables.

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