May 14, 2014 3:35 pm

Cutting the grass

May 14, 2014. I had a day off yesterday and that gave me the opportunity to finally get to mowing my lawn for the first time this year. I had recently called Lawnmaster and they had just applied the growth fertilizer when the rains/snows came. So after yesterday I had 5 bags of lawn clippings that I will bring over to the recycling depot. We’re funny people. We complain about no sun, then the sun comes and it makes your lawn grow and then you have to mow it and then you complain about how much grass you had to bag up only to do again next week. I am loving the look of the green coulees at the moment.

Today on Scene & Heard a chat with Keith Leask and Barb Marchuk about “clean” comedian Leland Klassen. He vowed early on doing the bar circuit that he would keep his material clean and he’s maintained that promise. (Plus I’m sure he bathes all the time too). His show goes May 23 at The Park Meadows Baptist Church at 2011-15 Ave. N. There will be a free will offering with proceeds going to Christian Mission Aid and Friends of South Omo.

Always nice to meet up with my old radio partner Esther Madziya. She’s now in the front office of the Lethbridge Hurricanes and she is gathering up some Hurricane alum to participate in a slow pitch game with the Lethbridge Bulls at Spitz Stadium. Proceeds are going to the Lethbridge Alzheimer Society. A couple of Maxwells have committed to the game.

It was nice to chat with Natalie Gauthier who is a Winston Churchill grad and is currently doing her one-woman show “I Claudia” at The Rosebud Theatre. It’s a nice drive to a very cool theatre. Check out their website for showtimes

Who had Pittsburgh in their hockey pool? Oh well.

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