May 14, 2014 3:09 pm

Motorcycle safety a team effort: SGI

SGI is asking vehicle and motorcycle operators to look out for one another as summer approaches.

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SASKATOON – Motorcycle season has arrived and SGI is asking people heading out on Saskatchewan roads to look out for one another.

According to SGI statistics, there are an average of 540 collisions, 210 injuries and six deaths annually involving motorcyclists in the province.

To combat this, double checking is a practice drivers can adopt when looking to make turns since a motorbike could be hidden behind oncoming vehicles.

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“Motorcycles are smaller and harder to see than other vehicles, so look, then look again, to make sure it’s safe before changing lanes or turning,” said Andrew Cartmell, SGI president and CEO.

New and experienced motorcyclists can help other motorists by honing their defensive riding skills via an approved training course.

“All riders need to take a proactive approach to riding rather than being reactive,” said Barry Muir, supervising chief instructor with the Saskatchewan Safety Council.

The council has numerous training programs available to deliver hands on experience with certified instructors on a training course in Regina.

“Wear high-visibility clothing and use hand signals in addition to electronic signals. Proper lane position can also increase your visibility to the vehicles around you,” said Muir.

An SGI motorcycle awareness campaign is currently sharing some safety reminders across the province. Helpful tips like the one below will be posted on billboards until mid-July.

SGI is asking vehicle and motorcycle operators to look out for one another as summer approaches.

Starting June 18, all riders in the motorcycle graduated driver licensing (MGDL) program are required by law to have their arms and legs covered, wear gloves, ankle-covering boots and either an approved three-quarter, modular or full-face helmet.

The fine for not wearing a helmet in Saskatchewan is $115.

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