May 14, 2014 2:09 pm

BLOG: Morning News Rewind – May 14

Richard Gillis and Bjorn Thoroddsen perform on the Morning News.

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Jessica and Kevin offer up their thoughts on today’s segments on the Morning News: bike lanes; nuclear power survey; massages; and Bjorn Thoroddsen.

Sean Shaw explains to Jessica what bikes lanes would mean for bikers and motorists

Being a cyclist, a once or twice a week cyclist, but none the less a cyclist, I am all for the bike lanes. The only thing I am concerned about though, is the city removing 100 parking meters to accommodate the bike lanes.

I understand this needs to be done for this 18 month project, however I am hoping there is a solution to replace the spots. As per my interview today, I learned that those parking spots are only used about 25 per cent of the time.

As both a driver and cyclist, I’m saying this to all of you who are one or the other, or both, please obey the rules of the road and treat each other with respect!

Kevin learns more about a survey that found a majority supports nuclear power in Saskatchewan

I’m happy that so many people are in favour of nuclear technology.

As a man with friends in the industry, I have dealt with their melancholy at the hands of the misunderstanding that they face regularly.

There are many benefits to a massage as Jessica found out

Oh how happy I am that my benefits cover massages.

We had Keith in this morning and he gave us some great tips on how you can continue to work out that sore spot on your neck, back, or wherever using a tennis ball. He also outlined the benefits of getting a massage both when you need it, and when you just want it.

Bjorn Thoroddsen performs Tango

 My favourite thing about the Sask Jazz Festival is how eclectic it is. I don’t think any other genre of music does that quite so well.

Jazz can be so many things, illustrated by no one (two) better than Bjorn Thoroddsen and Richard Gillis. What a great duo, with a great sound.

They had the whole studio quiet, and listening, and grooving along. That’s the power of passion that they conveyed.

You need to watch the video to hear it for yourself.

Jessica and Kevin preview Thursday’s Morning News

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