May 14, 2014 9:58 am

Increase in Saskatoon police chases during 2013

A damaged cruiser after a chase involving the stolen Saskatoon police car on April 25, 2014. A new report heading to the police commission says there was an increase in police pursuits in 2013.

Leslie Knight / Global News

SASKATOON – A new report heading to the Saskatoon police commission on Thursday says an increase in chases during 2013 may be linked to a rise in stolen vehicles.

The report says police were involved in 49 pursuits last year, compared to 27 in 2012, 37 in 2011 and 32 in 2010. There were 43 chases in 2007.

It also points to impaired drivers and criminal violations as reasons for chases.

Four of the chases involved young offenders and 20 others involved unidentified drivers.

No injuries were reported from chases in 2013 while 8 vehicles were damaged.

Police called off 28 pursuits due to safety concerns.

The spike in vehicle thefts made headlines last week after a stolen truck slammed into a car, killing two teens and sending a third to hospital with serious injuries.

Police say when they activated their emergency equipment, the truck sped away and they did not chase it due to safety reasons.

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