May 14, 2014 3:29 pm

Where are the candidates today, and why? PC Tim Hudak, May 14

Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak delivers a speech while campaigning in Toronto, Ont. on Wednesday, May 14, 2014.


7:05 a.m.: John Oakley Show AM 640

Riding: Toronto Centre (Liberal)

2011 Election results:

Liberal: 54.8%
NDP: 25.2%
PC: 15.7%
Green: 2.5%

PC leader Tim Hudak  was up bright and early this morning for a radio interview.

11 a.m.: Intercontinental Hotel

Riding: Trinity-Spadina (NDP)

2011 Election results:

NDP: 42.5%
Liberal: 39.6%
PC: 11.6%
Green: 5.2%

Hudak is poised to unveil his Million Jobs Plan.

Interactive: Explore poll-by-poll results for this riding from the 2011 election

Poll-level results: Trinity-Spadina »

Poll-level results: Trinity-Spadina

1 p.m.: TVO’s The Agenda

Riding: St.Paul’s (Liberal)

2011 Election results:

Liberal: 58.4%
PC: 20.9%
NDP: 16.6%
Green: 2.7%

Hudak continues his media hunt this afternoon. His next and final stop of the day will be on TVO’s The Agenda. He is sure to answer tough questions  about  his platform from this Canadian host Steve Paikin.

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